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Draw Bets with Handicap -1 in Tight Matches
04-09-2013, 01:12 PM
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Draw Bets with Handicap -1 in Tight Matches
The system I am using is played by betting on the draw with -1 european handicaps.

It is a very efficient system and with a stake of only £5 you can end up winning £250!

How is this system played?

Well, you start by choosing 3 tight matches, but matches that you know who is going to be the winner, like today's game Tottenham - Aston Villa (Tottenham will win, but it will likely be a tight match) and you bet on a draw in all matches -1 European handicap meaning that Tottenham in our example will win by exactly one goal.

I have researched this strategy for a very long time and ended up with the conclusion that the English Premierleague and the French League 1 are the best leagues to use this method.

If you get 3 matches right, you will have final odds above 50, so if you bet £1 you can easily win £50, if you lose, just bet £2 next time and will win 100 and so on.

I am sure that this strategy works great, just today it brought me £300 because i had a £6 bet on Tottenham-1 X, Arsenal-1 X and Bolton-1 X

I hope you enjoy it too!
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