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01-19-2017, 02:07 PM

Simply scammers, but some of the worst. Record show only one or two losses on average a month on singles, but that is a lie. If they won so much they would sell a single prediction for 50 or more. They fake all games on the record.
The tickets are fake and scam too. I trusted that pictures bought a ticket, it lost with 3 or 4 games out of 5 and next day a different ticket won on the record, obviously they use some software to fake the tickets or they simply donĀ“t show them but you will surely see they win every single tickets on saturdays.

They stop sending me losses but ask for more money with stupid excuses, read:

" Hello Sir
I have to inform you that there is some problem, we have deleted you from the system by making a mistake, and i can not send you games if you are not in the system, so i have to put you in the system again, but you will have to pay 50 euros for that, but i only need that transaction to show to my boss that you have paid and because of my mistake i will send you the 50 euros back for 3 4 euros, so send 50 eur tomorrow inform me, i will in the system and i will send you the money back."
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